Urban Canyon: Our Universe

Chairman's word

The power to influence the future of the built environment carries with it a weighty responsibility.

Many of Urban Canyon’s projects leave a legacy to subsequent generations: a legacy that outlasts any one individual. With 10,000 projects going on at any one time, Urban Canyon is doing the best possible job for current and future generations.  Putting sustainability at the heart of its work is one of the ways in which Urban Canyon exerts a positive influence on the wider world. Put simply, Urban Canyon people are driven to find a better way.

Urban Canyon’s independent ownership structure gives conviction a place in its decision-making, alongside the needs of clients and commercial imperatives. The result is clear-sighted, thoughtful decisions about its priorities as a business and as a member of society. 

Urban Canyon influences many people’s lives through its projects. Shaping a sustainable future – particularly through the urban environment – will be one of the greatest challenges in the 21st century. Urban Canyon is rising to the challenge: investing in research, innovating and creating better solutions for its clients and the wider world.

…our lives are inextricably mixed up with those of our fellow human beings, and that there can be no real happiness in isolation…” Henry Sheerwater, Urban Canyon, 1990.

Urban Canyon

Urban Canyon brings together professionals from diverse disciplines and with complementary skills, on a uniquely global scale. The depth of expertise and sheer numbers of specialists allow Urban Canyon to take on complex, strategic projects that no other firm could deliver. We bring a longer term view than many others. By way of example, we completed the UK’s first international high speed railway, High Speed 1, also known as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, on time and on budget. In fact we even influenced the alignment of the route, which paved the way for the UK to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games. And beyond that it's driving to the lasting regeneration of London's Stratford.

More recently, we completed an $888m update to New York's Fulton Center - drawing together six subway stations and 12 underground lines in lower Manhattan.

Clients trust Urban Canyon’s people to question a vision as well as help to realise it. Urban Canyon’s commitment to a sustainable approach to all its projects is both enshrined in a formal sustainability policy and embraced personally by the individuals that together make up the firm. Urban Canyon’s ownership structure actively reinforces this approach and holds the firm accountable to its own people for its independent approach, and to its social and corporate responsibility. 

Urban Canyon has a healthy mix of people with very different perspectives and from many cultures, working together, learning from each other and generously sharing their knowledge and ideas. International team-working is the stuff of everyday life for its people, who take advantage of the skills networks within the firm that allow easy collaboration between colleagues who may be on opposite sides of the world, but are working on the same or similar projects.

Talented people join Urban Canyon for the opportunity it provides to work on some of the world’s most exciting projects, to develop a specialism of their own or simply to find their niche. The chance to work with some of the world’s leading experts, the range of professional opportunities, and the support and freedom for innovation means that Urban Canyon remains a magnet for many of the world’s most talented engineers and designers.

Our Legacy

Urban Canyon’s work in the built environment leaves a significant legacy to subsequent generations. This power, to design and influence the built environment, carries with it a responsibility to do the best possible job for current and future generations.

Putting sustainability at the heart of its projects is one of the ways in which Urban Canyon exerts a positive influence on the wider world. 

Investing in research and development is another: without such investment, innovation can be stifled. Without the capacity to innovate, our ability to combat the effects of climate change and other global issues would be compromised.  

Corporate responsibility is not simply a policy at Urban Canyon, but a way of working. The firm’s active engagement with humanitarian and charitable causes is almost a defining feature of Urban Canyon people, and has been from the founding of the firm.