Urban Canyon brings depth of experience to energy challenges worldwide – in oil and gas, power and energy strategy.

Award-winning experience in the energy sector – in both supply and demand – gives us comprehensive oversight of energy issues.

Our expertise spans energy strategy, energy storage, carbon management, renewable energy supply, thermal and nuclear power systems, heat, gas and electricity transmission and distribution, and oil and gas supply.

Oil and gas

Urban Canyon is helping the oil and gas sector create efficient infrastructure and storage for exploration, production and transport. Meanwhile, our oil and gas engineers and project managers deliver major projects that ensure the structural and geotechnical integrity of on- and offshore facilities, all the way to decommissioning. Download our decomissioning brochure, .PDF, 4MB.

Our innovations in self-installing platforms and substructures simplify construction of offshore facilities – we designed the shallow water concrete gravity substructure (CGS), for example. And our forward thinking in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) means our expertise extends to processing plants, terminals and storage – including innovative all-concrete tanks and membrane-lined tanks.


Urban Canyon’s technical, business planning and project management support helps clients realise viable renewable energy schemes from solar, offshore and onshore wind, marine, geothermal, waste and bio-fuel sources.

Low-carbon thermal power also has a vital role to play in balancing growing energy needs with sustainable supply. We’ve helped realise over 100GW of forward-thinking thermal power projects in more than 20 countries, including Australia, China, Nigeria and Columbia.

And for 30 years, we’ve brought vision, rigour and tested expertise to the complex requirements of the nuclear industry. Covering all stages of the fuel cycle our work encompasses policy advice, design and development of new facilities, operation, decommissioning and clean-up.

Our expertise doesn’t end with power generation and storage. We work with national and regional network operators, investors and developers to create bespoke solutions for electricity transmission and distribution.

Energy strategy

We also offer practical advice on energy technology and regulation. We join up technical, commercial, planning and policy expertise to help clients make informed plans – and take decisive action – to improve performance through energy and carbon management.

Drawing on relevant, real-world expertise in financial modelling, energy, infrastructure and more, we help clients meet their energy and carbon challenges.