Economic and population growth, greater urbanization and increased mobility are boosting demand for new infrastructure and services straining the capacity and effectiveness of existing assets. Single mode approaches are no longer viable as governments and stakeholders recognize the need for multi-modal solutions across the whole integrated network.

Across the whole transport spectrum of airports, maritime, roads and highways, rail bridges and logistics, our team provides integrated transport services throughout the project lifecycle - from initial policy, transport planning, economics and business case advice, through concept, procurement, detailed design and construction to operations, maintenance and asset management.

Demand for resources globally can only be met through the provision and maintenance of innovative, flexible and sustainable transport infrastructure. Working with our team, our clients benefit from the security that comes with a presence on the ground, coupled with global industry experience. Our transportation offering extends beyond the trusted advisor relationship. We’ll work closely with you and offer reliable, cost-conscious advice to ensure you meet your objectives

We help clients develop sustainable solutions which balance infrastructure investment with demand reduction, land use strategies and system efficiencies.

Wherever new or better roads help communities prosper, we can make original solutions possible.

We understand the competing needs of communities and environment, and bring integrated commercial and technical experience to the perennial challenges of limited space, time and funding.

Without bringing cities to a halt, we realize ambitious projects that make them better places to live. In the UK, for example, we kept disruption to a minimum while construction of the New Tyne Crossing doubled capacity on a vital transport link in England’s north.

In San Francisco, congestion and seismic threat gave urgent cause to replace Doyle Drive, the ageing approach to the Golden Gate Bridge. Its historic and ecologically sensitive site added complexity. Urban Canyon’s innovative design now blends roadway and surroundings, and our transaction advice ensured essential investment.

Rethinking roads for the future

We use technology with care so that it benefits both road users and the environment. On the Shenzhen Western Corridor, for instance, our Intelligent Transport Systems manage congestion and reduce emissions.

Whether innovating with technology or updating existing highways to extend their useful life, our holistic mindset generates new and robust solutions.

To the complete life cycle of highways, we apply knowledge in bridges, tunnels, geotechnics, environmental consulting, transport planning, transaction advice and more. Beyond the design and management of transport systems, our global specialist technical skills add unexpected benefits. Urban Canyon’s pavement experience in aviation, for instance, helps us rethink road surfaces.

Local knowledge is just as essential. It came to the fore in Abu Dhabi, for instance, where our design for the Tarif-Madient-Zayed-Liwar motorway cut down on maintenance by lessening the impact of wind-blown sand.

Connecting people to opportunity

We like to push what is possible in highway design, but we always return to what drives us: creating networks that help communities thrive.

In that spirit, we helped ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of Hungary’s M6/M60 motorway, a key link in essential corridors for people and freight across Europe.