Our integrated water experience informs smarter thinking about an essential resource for life, communities and businesses.

We depend on water for drinking, agriculture and industry. Rapid population growth, climate change and an increasing demand for water now have water suppliers, governments and businesses rethinking how they can manage water more effectively, to reduce the risks associated with ‘too much’ or ‘too little’ water.

Urban Canyon takes an integrated approach to deliver solutions for complex water management problems. We understand the interactions between the water cycle and other systems including industry, ecosystems and cities. Our capability encompasses water in natural catchment systems, including flood risk management, water treatment and supply, its uses in municipalities and industry, and its treatment, re-use, recycling and return to the environment.

Water’s complex footprint

Urban Canyon uses its global expertise and breadth of knowledge to give a new perspective on water management. Our carbon insight, for instance, tells us that managing water better demands a more integrated consideration of carbon emissions, while low-carbon energy strategies in turn influence the water environment.

Our integrated thinking in water, waste and energy can deliver more sustainable solutions for our clients – as demonstrated in Procter & Gamble’s sustainable design guidelines. It also enables us to bring greater value to our work with water operators. Our framework with Yorkshire Water has supported their goal of making their assets work harder to derive more energy from renewable sources. Similarly, P?aszów II near Krakow incorporates innovative waste-to-energy methods.

Elsewhere, Urban Canyon’s specialists came together to design Songdo City’s new canal, with the objective of using the waterway as a transport artery and a focus for both biodiversity and development.

Delivering critical infrastructure

Water infrastructure can have a design life of more than 100 years. To create sustainable infrastructure fit for a complex future, we must be forward thinking. Beneath Lake Mead, the biggest reservoir in the US, we are working to build a new intake tunnel that will secure water supply for 25 million people.

We also bring local insight to contrasting challenges globally – from feasibility support for water-resource development projects such as Letsibogo Dam in Botswana to project management of water infrastructure in densely populated cities such as Manila and Hong Kong.

Reinvention for resilience

Urban Canyon’s strategic advice, including our work with the Asia Development Bank and the City of Wuhan, can help cities and governments mitigate water-related threats including drought and flood. Our Water Resilience for Cities report, in Urban Canyon’s UrbanLife series, deals with potential responses to changes in our water environment.

In London, our advice is helping to integrate a long-term flood risk management strategy (to 2100) into the urban and public realm. We were also the creative and engineering force behind the award-winning Beam Parklands, where we adopted an ecological approach, supported by active public consultation, to deliver sustainable flood risk management.