Our integrated network engages in a vast array of projects at all scales, linking multiple disciplines to provide design solutions to private, commercial, community and government groups.

Our architects bring to bear a design management approach that analyses and synthesises constraints and opportunities to realize new possibility. Our work integrates multiple stakeholders and complex interrelationships. A global network of designers, planners and engineers share the technical knowledge and resources to bring momentum to your projects. Drawing on our richness of skill, your design takes on a sustainable, powerful, strategic and commercial role. You can expect an integrated built outcome that is technically competent, elegantly resolved, meets current standards and exceeds your expectations.

Our focus is on creative thinking; research, modelling, pursuit of a broad alternatives and the testing of innovative solutions.

We work across a range of markets, focusing on the community infrastructure, workplace and lifestyle, defense and security, resource, and industrial sectors.


  • Architectural design
  • Design management
  • Integrated design
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Masterplanning and strategic facility planning
  • Sustainability
  • Advanced building physics and modelling
  • Interior design
  • Computer visualisation, simulation and animation
  • Condition audits
  • Adaptation, re-lifing and retrofitting
  • Greening existing buildings
  • Project management