Climate Change

We recognise the continuing need for society and business to address the global sustainability challenges of the efficient use of natural and human capital, loss of biodiversity, poverty and population growth. Long-term climate change is slowly occurring within an existing environment of high natural climatic variability and it is this joint understanding that provides the key to effective decision making. 

GHD’s approach is to deliver integrated services in the key areas of hazards assessment, mitigation, adaptation, energy efficiency and trading and carbon offsets. Our teams work with organisations to identify and understand both the strategic risk and opportunity presented by possible long-term global impacts.

We understand the importance of taking early action and positioning organisations to manage and respond to potential future changes in climate. Our people, made up of engineers, applied scientists, risk professionals, modellers, economists and social strategists deliver comprehensive climate risk, energy and greenhouse gas management services to enable efficient and sustainable business practices.


  • Climate variability, risk assessment and management
  • Infrastructure impacts, design and maintenance (flood, wind, wave, sea level rise, storm surge)
  • Environmental impacts
  • Insurance loss and risks
  • Adaptation strategies and planning for resilient coastal communities
  • Greenhouse gas emission measurement, reduction, verification and reporting (e.g. NGERS)
  • Consideration of emerging legislative frameworks
  • Investor-reporting and new market evaluation
  • Carbon solutions (footprinting, lifecycle, capture, storage, farming)
  • Energy efficiency, fuel switching and renewable energy